According To Us

by Drowning at Dawn

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The debut album from the hook powered, catchy lyric, rebel band, Drowning at Dawn. Despite the band's young age, it's clear they have potential, as you can see with this all new full set of songs from the small town, local, island band. This album features the singles 'Bright Side', 'Worship', and 'Lonely Star'.


released November 27, 2010

Written, Produced, and Performed by Drowning at Dawn |

Copyright (C) 2012 Drowning at Dawn
(Previously Recorded Versions Also Copyrighted)



all rights reserved


Drowning at Dawn Galveston, Texas

Drowning at Dawn is a local band from Galveston, TX. Growing up and standing for those who stand out a little too much and a little too little, this band is made differently. Drowning at Dawn is:

Ja'Cory Lavine - Vocals/Keys/Guitar/Lyrics
Cassie Olguin - Guitar/Drums/Lyrics
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Track Name: My Truth
When you're fourteen, you're all confused
And your mind has no idea what to do
Falling off the edge of sanity
Don't know how or why you have to breathe

But then you stop and feel the wind
Watch the stars as they are burning
The sky just keeps on turning
And I don't know what to say to you
You're falling off, falling off the roof

And if I could, then I would try to save you
But all I can tell you is the truth...

Repressing the memories that I just seem to hate...

(Take a stand
Lonely star, just grab my hand...)
Track Name: Lonely Star
Break out of the sky
Wait for it to come alive
See it in her face
She's trying hard to break the pain
She let her emotions go
She couldn't try to keep them close
Inside herself I'm sure she knows
The truth behind the muse

She's not made to endure this pain...

Run, run, run
I've watched her fall and
She's not done
She's just begun and
She's ready to blow this hole
She's not taking any no's
Take, take, take
That's all they do
She gives them more
But who gives to her now
She's on the ride
She's going far
She's just another lonely star...

So now she's lost her mind
She thinks that she's gone and petrified
She's looking for someone
To be by her side
I couldn't keep her happy then
I tried to but I failed again
We've all got problems now and then
But she just can not solve them

And I'm not made to endure this pain...


It yells out
Haunting her mouth
Telling her
That it won't save you
Well I'm stuck inside them
Lonely star just grab my hand

Track Name: Well... I'm not...
These words writing themselves
And all my remedies and memories are trying to help
I saw you staring back
Why are you walking ?
I can't tell how you're losing it
You finally sit

And I just can't help but to react
It came and went so fast
Now I just can't help but want it back

Slow down
We're wasting valuable time
I must admit it's fun
Take down
Your eyes have got me pinned against the wall
The wall
Well, I'm not...

What did I get myself into
Wanting and wishing and waiting
Got myself confused
This situations got me
I saw you staring back
Why are you walking ?
I can't tell how you're losing it
You finally sit



Run, run, run (x2)


Well, I'm not...
Track Name: Safe
It's not safe to assume that inside of you
Is a heart that's crying
It's not hard to get thrown off that sight of you
Cause I want you badly
And if it turns out the way I plan
Then these hearts will understand that

I will not take this for granted
I'm safer now

There's something I see in you
I can't help that I might like you
I can't say it's not right
Only to be safe

It's not safe to assume that you are
Secretly calling me inside
It's not safe that I think that you really
Want me inside your life
I don't know what you are trying to tell me
But I think somewhere that maybe it's right

But I won't take this for granted
I think you should know


Track Name: Worship
Take a look around this room
And tell me what you know
I want you to let it show
Don't guard the truth
Hesitate to draw the line
And I want you to let it shine
This light and this life
Are too much to try to handle

You don't have to worship me
Cause I said so, and you do know
That doing this will not show me that I can be myself
Wasting time
Draw the line
Cause if you try to change me again
I might just put it up and let it slide


Take a look around this room
Cause you just might assume
I know it's hard
And oh, I won't watch you fall
You'll just have to crawl
If you're gonna stay down like that


Worship the change (x3)
Worship the...

Worship the change
We'll just worship the change
Worship the change

Track Name: Bright Side
Walking down the street
And I know that you want to say you're wrong
But I won't let you
I'm being difficult
Cause I can't see the bright side
And I know you'll do it again
I see it in your eyes

Situations come and go
Sometimes they take control

There's no right side
No bright side to this situation
I just find myself deep inside these complications
The promise that awaits me
There's no bright side

I'm looking back on all the promises that you made
And I've realized you can't deliver half the crap you said
Blinded by the lies
Now these exile eyes won't trust you again

Blinded by the lies


The promise that awaits me
There's no bright side...

(No bright side to me
No bright side to...)


There's no right side (x4)

There's no right side...
Track Name: Lost Trailway
I take it you know how I feel
The truth is out
We're struggling now
The weight has fallen upon us
Convincing ourselves this is real
Laying down the lines
That we keep on defying
Take this time to use the key
Out of line
You can't help this mistery

Lost trailway
Don't know where it's going but it leads the way
Lost trailway
I'm falling, just dropping into disoray
Help me
I'm part of the...

In time we will all figure out
Our days among depression
Are causing the doubt
Just blaming the foolish isn't right
Start breaking and bending
To stop stressing out
And oh, I gave it my best, my all
Just to watch it fall
Now I'm part of the...


Track Name: Poisonous Eyes
It's getting hard to explain these feelings
These words are more than that
As I watch the sun fade into the darkness
The silence says everything

So run away from me
You're not the only one who doesn't see it

Stay away from me
These eyes aren't meant for you to see
These eyes will only dissappoint you
A hole will burn through you
Stay away from me
These eyes aren't meant for you to see
These eyes will only dissappoint you
A hole will burn through you

The one thing I've ever wanted
Faded away too quickly
Now all you can do is walk away
Walk away
Walk away and don't look back




You (x2)

Track Name: Lullaby
These words I am hating
They are of your making
You said you were done being the one to break me
Tried to continue
But I couldn't see you
I was blind
What happened to you never leaving my side ?

Break the boundaries
And let me fall asleep...

All I am now
Was never who I thought I would be
I swear, as soon as I fell asleep
It changed me, it changed me, it changed me
All I know now
Is what I thought I could believe
Cause dreaming is everything
It scares me, it scares me, it scares me

Taking advantage
Breaking the habit
It was just a tool
I'm not worth time
And I know now, you're blinded
The signs were there
I dreamed that I loved you
I'm sure that part was true
But you came to me
I was fooled by my own foolish dreams

Now I can't wait for you to bring me down to you

All I am now
Was never who I thought I would be
As soon as I fell asleep
It changed me
All I know now
Is what I thought I could believe
Cause dreaming is everything
And it scares me somehow...

Trick me to sleep
Push down on me
Until I may find
The words you wrote in your lullaby
Track Name: Blind
Taken by surprise
Walking with no eyes
I call it faith
You call it blind
Falling off the roof
Not bothering to choose to help yourself

So wait on the world to help you
But no one wants to see you

Time is going to waste
And maybe I'm losing this game
I'm out of options
Falling through the cracks
I've lost what I can't get back
Well, where do I turn ?


I think to put these ideas into action
Then watch the nightmares fade away
In their hearts, sparking a reaction
With faith