Hidden EP

by Drowning at Dawn

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A 7-Track EP from the band. The Hidden EP is the start of a new sound for the band. Going the same direction as the last album (Simple EP, released in August 2011), the Hidden EP is full of personal hard hitting songs such as 'The Other Side of Pressure' (Released as a single) and 'Moral Story' (Also released as a single). The EP is revolved around the song and single 'Hidden', released on December of 2011. This album is just one of many new inspiring songs and sounds from the band.

1. The Other Side of Pressure
2. Moral Story
3. Time With Progression
4. Hidden
5. Not Today
6. Let It Go
7. Radical


released January 19, 2012

Copyright (C) 2011 by Drowning at Dawn



all rights reserved


Drowning at Dawn Galveston, Texas

Drowning at Dawn is a local band from Galveston, TX. Growing up and standing for those who stand out a little too much and a little too little, this band is made differently. Drowning at Dawn is:

Ja'Cory Lavine - Vocals/Keys/Guitar/Lyrics
Cassie Olguin - Guitar/Drums/Lyrics
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Track Name: The Other Side of Pressure
Feel it in the air
Trying to get over there
But we can't forget the home that you took from us
You're so hard to trust
And oh, trying to find a way
To keep it all the same
But you've walked right in and ruined what we've got
No, that's not hot

And we're tired of making promises
That we can't fulfill...

On the other side
I walked out of line
You never had a chance
Falling under pressure
Falling to an end

So now you've got a new game
And no, we don't wanna play
I've set myself above you
Now you're like everyone else who just want to mess up our lives
Well keep in mind that your little tides are just wasting time

Let us live...


Without the mask, I've got you pinned around the floor
You find me and take me away
I've got my advantages
Oh no, you say

On the other side
I walked out of the line
To find you hidden there

Explain to me
Explain to me
Explain to me...
Track Name: Moral Story
I never spoke any of the words you said you heard
Making faces I don't deserve
Oh, the nerve
Well, I know something that'll take you out
I never tried to cross the line
Though, in disguise
Oh, my emotions took their time telling me why
Well, give me one more second
There's a really good explanation to this

Take time
And realize
That I'm not
The past is only there if you wonder

And you think you've got it bad
But I'll be living the life that you can't have
And you've lived your life so radical
(And I swear) I'll never trust my heart again

I'll never trust this heart again

Oh, again

I never got past all the lies
But, oh I tried
Hidden faces in disguise
And I can't find the one that belongs to me
And yes, I know, you, I decieved







I'll never trust this heart again
Trust this heart again

Trust this heart again...
Track Name: Time With Progression
And sit still
While still, you sit
You're time elapsed
You've run out of time
You thought you had it all
But look now
I never wanted to speak
But I will say you're killing me

In and out
You find yourself inhaling
One by one
You sum it up
You're taking too many steps towards me
But as of now
I don't believe


I'll, I'll just wait away
With my last arrest
My time progressed is fading
I don't want anything
I just want the life you stole from me

American man
Are you satisfied ?
I'm crashing down
I'm fading out
Don't save me
Whose fault now ?
Is it yours or mine ?

And now you are living through the life you stole
Hating yourself
You can't process these type of things
But I know I'm not the one you need to hold



Where time left us
(Hiding the truth)
Where time left us...

I don't see how we put up with this
Time is slipping
Put out my hands


Where time left us

Where time left us...
Track Name: Hidden
Rain down on me
I've sinned enough to begin this
Step over me now
As I lay there on the ground
Bleeding lies that were never found

And we've changed
(They don't understand)
Well I like this
(The pain we went through, then)
Accept it
I'm on this
Cause hidden I always was

And past years make me sick
I'm wishing this was permanent
I'd never have to start again
But I'm only human
Explain to me
A surface of torn relationships
That never meant anything


Cause hidden I always was
Cause hidden I always was


Cause hidden I always was
Cause hidden I always was...
Track Name: Not Today
I've lived a lie in hiding
Hoping to find myself
I'm not impressed by maitenance
But I'll retain so much more

But no, no, no
It's never easy to wat to sit this out
Oh no, no, no
They say it's possible to dream
But I just might not sleep


I just might not sleep and...
Track Name: Let It Go
I used to be in love
But not anymore
I used to hope so
Cause I'm trying so hard
To get over you

Oh, I just want this to fade
Oh, I just want this to fade...

Can you hear me calling ?
Can you hear me calling ?
I can hear them calling
I can hear them calling
Can you hear me calling ?
Can you hear me calling ?
I can hear them calling
Let it go

Let go, let go
Let the real me come out
So now I gotta let go, let go
I just gotta breathe
Gotta be myself again

Oh I'm so tired of you
Tired of you
Don't wanna be with you

I wanna stand on my feet again

And stop leaning on feelings
Stop leaning on feelings
They were never real
Oh, they were never real
I can hear them calling
I can hear them calling


Let this go
Let this go
Let it go
Let you go...

Track Name: Radical
And I'm standing there
Shattered inside my tears
While you lay so peacefully
Broken memories it seems
Reflections in glasses
Couldn't clear your traffic

Well all I wanted to do
Had stained my heart all in two
You left me there in the blue
And I can't bare...

So broken down
All of one gigantic mess
And why did I bother ?
When I knew it wouldn't last
You didn't wanna be here
So I couldn't stay
I tried to convince you
You'd see better days


Oh you can't do this
You left me here hoping that I wouldn't see
The tears that you left
You left me here feeling so radical

You took your last chance
And gave it your best shot
But who did you blame when you saw that you had lost...

...Everything ?
Your unreal things
Silence your dreams
And harness the pain...


No, you can't do this
You left me here hoping that I wouldn't see
The tears that you left
The feelings you kept from me
You're so...